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Photograph of Calgary-based artist, illustrator and photographer Jessica Hauser.

About Me

Jessica is an award-winning visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her work is visual storytelling, a constant search for the best way to interpret ideas and navigate the world around her. She uses recognizable imagery rendered with childlike wonder, through many details within a fanciful, surreal but somewhat familiar context so that the viewer will become absorbed, perhaps lost in the magic of the illusion. She is driven by the desire to give shape to that which cannot be seen in the real world, creating a sense of mystery and wonder. 


Jessica works in a variety of media, from the traditional approaches of watercolour and pencil, to the innovative uses of digital tools for drawing and photography. The pencil will always be her first love however, even her digital images begin with a pencil sketch. When approaching illustration, she uses the written word to create a rich, visual landscape to enhance the narrative. Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. Jessica is keen to continue collaborating with authors to create vivid illustrated worlds.


Jessica is an experienced Calgary-based artist with a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts (formally ACAD).

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